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My Yellow Room

“Great design taps into the psyche of people, elevating their experience, thinking and sensing within their interiors, with the express intention of positively impacting their quality of life – at work, home or play.”

~ Kim Williams ~

In My Yellow Room, Kim weaves both written and visual storytelling to inspire others through the lens of her life as a creative behavioural strategist. She uses her inspiring personal story, business experience and design prowess to help function better and discover how to use this knowledge to improve their quality of life and manage their mindset.

This book helps people understand the basic principles of how a space affects their wellbeing, mindset, and energy – that small things make a big difference – and how they can be freed from limitations. Kim also reveals her top design secrets and beautiful imagery, intertwined harmoniously into her personal story as a young physically disabled child who dreamed big in a yellow bedroom. Kim inspires others with her perspective of the world, of people’s behaviour and the spaces we live in.


Keeping the paintbrush

What challenges you? What makes you question if there is a better way to do something? What drives you? One could argue that once you

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Breaking the Egg

This year feels lighter somehow. People seem more optimistic and hopeful. If I compare how the year has started to last year at the same time there is a sense of new things to come and exploration of opportunity.

I have been led to such interesting places and people in these first few weeks; from a building first registered in 1843 to modern spaces needing a facelift, all of which excites me.

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