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About Kim Williams

“Great design taps into the psyche of people, elevating their experience, thinking and sensing within their interiors, with the express intention of positively impacting their quality of life – at work, home or play.”

~ Kim Williams ~

Published Works

My Yellow Room - 2nd Edition

My Yellow Room - 1st Edition

Behind The Design Report 2022-01

About Kim Williams Design Studio

Changing the world one space at a time

Kim Williams Design is a prominent interior creative studio with a mission is to transform homes, property developments and commercial spaces. Our work has been recognised locally and globally including by the International Design Awards (IDA) and the Loeries. Our studio is where we create magic. With a team of interior designers and project managers we focus on bringing your project alive to achieve the outcome you desire.Our portfolio adds up to millions of Rands in retail value. We have worked across building and construction projects, alongside developers and architects for over 150 new apartments, 30 residential homes, 10 renovations of which 7 are developments and 2 are medical practices, with many more in the pipeline.  These projects include a variation of interior architecture, design and finishing, space planning, as well as soft furnishing. Our work and Studio have been recognised in so many publications with beautiful features from Visi, to SA Homeowner Magazine, Decorex Design, Interior Institute of Interior Design, Sunday Times Lifestyle, Sky Magazine and so many more.

Book Kim for your speaking engagement

Kim is a phenomenal speaker, backed up by nearly two decades of experience facilitating and presenting workshops and training courses. She will energise your event, speaking on the following themes, or creating a personalised presentation for your attendees:

  • Upcoming lifestyle and human behaviour trends in the home and workplace.
  • The evolution of interior design.
  • Behavioural observations and shifts in interior design themes.
  • Healing – how design can transform habits, behaviours, and energy to positively impact the physical and emotional health of people.


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Our Philosophy

Our Design ID guarantees clarity of what each client needs and desires from their space and we apply creative and behavioural strategic insights to making client’s dream spaces a reality. 

Interior design is not about the designer, it is about you, the client. Our designs are about marrying the end experience with an innovative layout, creative design, materials, pattern and colour, and layering the space to create resonance and flow.

Understanding the people in the interior space is the first step in our process. What is the reason for the change, who are they, and how do they want the space to feel when they are in it. Knowing these feeds into the experience we want to create and the impact it should have on those living or working there.

The behavioural strategy feeds the interior design, the materials we use and how we then craft the space. Understanding first becomes the source of inspiration for the interior concept and the impact it must have.

- Kim Williams

We underestimate how our environment influences behaviour and emotion, having an attractive aesthetic stimulates positive emotions. Our vision is to craft spaces that transform how it feels and moves, elevating the experience of those within to improve their quality of life.

We combine our thinking with understanding the architecture and the light, and what the vision of the space is, and we are also not afraid to experiment where it is right for the outcome. 

Our philosophy is relevant for all our projects no matter the size or the type.