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About Kim Williams Design Studio

“Great design taps into the psyche of people, elevating their experience, thinking and sensing within their interiors, with the express intention of positively impacting their quality of life – at work, home or play.”

~ Kim Williams ~


About Kim Williams Design Studio

Changing the world one space at a time

Kim Williams Design is a prominent interior creative studio with a mission to transform homes, property developments and commercial spaces. Our work has been recognised locally and globally including by the International Design Awards (IDA) and the Loeries. Our studio is where we create magic. With a team of interior designers and project managers we focus on bringing your project alive to achieve the outcome you desire.

Our portfolio adds up to millions of Rands in retail value. We have worked across building and construction projects, alongside developers and architects for over 150 new apartments, 30 residential homes, 10 renovations of which 7 are developments and 2 are medical practices, with many more in the pipeline.  These projects include a variation of interior architecture, design and finishing, space planning, as well as soft furnishing.

Our work and Studio have been recognised in so many publications with beautiful features from Visi, to SA Homeowner Magazine, Decorex Design, Interior Institute of Interior Design, Sunday Times Lifestyle, Sky Magazine and so many more.

Our Approach


Once we understand the behaviour objectives and what the client is looking for, we focus on the function within each area of the space – individually and as a whole.


We consider how the energy flows, how people walk through and engage with the space, so that can create an experience not simply a design.


What ambiance do we want to create using energy within the space to engage the senses, always seeking where we can shift the environment.


Our Design is bespoke; each of our client’s should receive an outcome that is unique to their perspective, style and taste, to have something no one else has.


A good design project is a partnership where every person adds unique value, where each person is respected for the piece of work that they will deliver, where boundary crossing is unnecessary because of the connection of minds and hearts. Everyone is invested. This collaborative ethos means we deliver exceptional work across all our services – interior design, interior decorating service and desktop design. Collaboration with the architect, building company and in the case of developments, the investor, is key to the success of any project we undertake.

Interior Design

We work with residential home owners, architects, building companies and in the case of developments, the investor; to carefully and meticulously create an interior design that is unique to them. We excel at working on new build projects using our know-how and experience to provide input across the building process, whether it’s space planning, where to put the electricals, the exterior build, and the interior architecture including what materials to use, features such as staircases, wall panelling, and floor panelling etc. Then we project manage the entire interior installation to completion, ensuring a successful outcome.

Interior Decorating Service

Our focus is taking on total revamp projects: creating beautiful and energising residential and commercial spaces. We provide a complete turnkey solution from schemes and mood boards, materials and furniture. We also offer furnishing as a full service.

Desktop Design

We also provide home owners, architects and building companies with drawing and finishing of their building for renovation to execute themselves. This includes design, ceiling detailing, lighting, wall and floor finishes, and where to place furniture.