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Advice to myself over the rainbow

It is a beautiful unusually warm morning as I write this blog during my birthday month. I sit reflecting on this milestone birthday (won’t say which one) and think of the things I would say to the younger version of myself who sat in her yellow bedroom dreaming and scheming of where she would be at my age. I think she would like the view of where I sit at the table writing, like my outfit for the day and be very happy that I am wearing red lipstick today.

You get to where you are going

Don’t worry if you take a detour or two along the way – you will get to exactly where you want to go and be doing exactly what you should be doing. Just focus on shining and keep shining even when it’s really hard, that way you will always stay on purpose and focus on what it is you are meant to be doing.

Let it fail

You can’t force things to work if it’s not working, let it fail. You will be amazed what happens when you let go of people and situations that only take from you. Good relationships are abundant, generous and grow you. Let it go if it brings you down no matter who it is and how hard it is. These hurtful situations are there only to teach us something briefly, not to harm you indefinitely.

Choose your circle wisely

Always stay loyal and committed but choose your friends wisely, understanding the value of your friendship and your love. Loyal friends will never betray you, lie to you or use you. They will see your value and be by your side no matter how rough it gets, and they will always tell you the truth even to their own detriment. You will see immediately who your friends are when it gets tough, remember who they are, and you will be surprised. This will be one of your greatest life lessons, the importance of who is around you is fundamental to your wellbeing and success.

There is nothing more important than being a parent

Being a mom will be the most important thing you will ever do, cherish every moment because you will forget their littleness. Keep every treasure, take in every second. At some point, I promise they will become human beings again. Never give up on them, believe in them and ignore their irritation at your unwanted kisses, or most importantly your unwanted advice – one day they will stand up at your birthday and say thank you for that unwanted advice and how it helped shape them into the person they are.

Stay a little afraid

It’s ok to be afraid to put yourself out there, that is wise. How you reflect yourself and who you are will become an important part of what you need to do. Being cautiously respectful of what is around you allows you to see things in a different light. This respect will keep you humble and sincere. Appreciate what others do. Do not let their light stop you from putting your light out there because you think there is enough light already. No one can see what you have to add unless you put your light on.

Seek new things

Stay adventurous and strive to do new things. Your sense of exploration and curiosity is central to creating new insights. This zest for life and beauty will inspire you to keep making new discoveries and shape people’s spaces and places. Surround yourself with innovative ideas and new experiences as much as you can. Try things you are afraid of doing. You will love swimming in the cold ocean. Try to do it much earlier in your life. It will make you come alive in a way you didn’t think was possible.

Know your own value

Not everyone will understand what you are trying to do. Many will criticise you for doing things differently, and for breaking the rules. Just do what comes naturally even when it doesn’t make sense. If it feels right, keep going. Trust yourself intrinsically, you have the answers, and remember many people understand the price of everything, but never understand the value of something. Know what value you add and work with those who see it. No one can ever truly value you; you must value yourself.

Think bigger

Keep focusing on your goals every year, set bigger ones and always keep moving forward. You will amaze yourself with what you will do and how much is possible if you start to visualise the possibilities for your future. Surround yourself with people who think big, are honest with you, realistic but positive and stretch you to think bigger. This thinking will always help you to find opportunities and visualise beauty in rare places.

Forgive them

There will be many things that happen in your life but never be a victim of your circumstances. See things for what they were. See your role in it and move on. Do not let other people’s poor behaviour bring you down and when you make a mistake, own it, and learn. Don’t let a victim mentality affect your thinking in any way. The only way you can do this is to forgive them and close the door to that chapter in your life. It is hard but it is the only way.

Colour it in

Your most favourite thing to do when you were little was to paint and colour in. Never stop doing that. It will be what you do with your life. Dream of all the colours in the rainbow, what new colours you can make, where you can put them and how these colours make people feel in their lives, in their work. It will make all the difference in the world.

Now, as I finish my advice to my younger self, I am reminded how grateful I am for all the experiences that have led me to where I am today. I hope that you too will reflect on where you have come from and where you are, and embrace this moment inspired to keep shining your light.


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3 Responses

  1. Kim,

    You are such an inspiration. I felt as though you were reading my mind this morning while reading your blog! I am at a major turning point in my life and your words are just what I needed 🙂

    Thank you so much.



    1. It’s my pleasure Chantel, it makes me happy that this found you when you needed it. Love Kim

  2. Kim, just like Chantel reading your blog today was exactly what I needed to read. Dreams do come true and mostly in ways that are beyond my imagination. You are such an inspiration to me

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