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The Last Sunset

The sun is faithful and returns the next day to greet us. Sometimes there in its full glory and other times hidden by the clouds, however the sun is always there reminding us to journey onwards.


I have always taught my son the most important thing to do in life is to keep moving forward. There is nothing you can do about what has happened, you can only influence and plan for the future, and today is the most important thing that you have. Sometimes it is hard to do that. […]

The constant pursuit of happiness

The daily decision to choose happiness comes with its own set of challenges. It is easy to be swept away by the events of the day or your immediate reaction. Happiness is not a destination or something the future brings; it is about the continuous process of getting to know yourself, being kind to yourself […]

The mermaid who nearly drowned

It was a strange morning. It was very overcast and the surf was much bigger than usual. I felt something was off. I had been longing to be in the water for some time, but I had not been able to get myself back into the icy liquid. I kept reminding myself how good it […]


There are moments in life and then there are moments. Moments that you dare to believe will come around. Moments that take your breath away. Moments that take you into another world and change your perspective. These moments are fundamental to moving us forward and elevating our thinking and being to the next level. I […]

Winds of Change

The wind is back in Bloubergstrand promising the return of summer. It gets very gusty this time of the year bringing back the kite surfers and filling our beaches. I have been assisting a few clients prepare for this season and the village is filled with hope and what it means for our local economy […]

Close the Door

When you sell yourself short, other people can sense it and treat you that way. When you act like you need work, other people sense it and sell you short. The balance between negotiating and standing your ground is a particularly important skill to learn in life and in work. As my business has grown, […]

Kim’s Angels

Interior design is my escape. I move into the world in my head and it’s a beautiful place filled with possibilities and beauty. In this place, cost is never an issue, and everyone is nice. When I see the world this way, I am able to really be free to create something special and unique. […]

Advice to myself over the rainbow

It is a beautiful unusually warm morning as I write this blog during my birthday month. I sit reflecting on this milestone birthday (won’t say which one) and think of the things I would say to the younger version of myself who sat in her yellow bedroom dreaming and scheming of where she would be […]

Keeping the paintbrush

What challenges you? What makes you question if there is a better way to do something? What drives you? One could argue that once you have found the recipe to success you should stick to it. One could argue that the more efficient you become at fine tuning the recipe the more successful you will […]