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Unveiling Kim Williams at Decorex Designer Showcase 2024

Kim Williams is  the founder of Kim Williams Design, whose mission  is to shape how people experience spaces and, in doing so, positively impact lives. Kim Williams Design honours and respects people and spaces, understanding clients on a deep level and mindfully creating purpose-driven environments that shape lives… Read More

GET THE lighting right indoors – experts advice

Lighting goes beyond ambience. It’s a spotlight for your well-being. To make the most of lighting indoors, consider using a combination of different types of lighting such as ambient, task, and accent lighting… Read More


What inspires your design goals? At Head Interiors we are motivated by continual growth the process offers and the opportunities to design for delightful and better futures… Read More

How to use various Gold Accents in Decor

Gold is often associated with wealth, opulence and prestige. Who can forget the Greek myth of King Midas who turned everything he touched into gold?… Read More

Your colourful life by design

Say what you will, but 2024 is shaping up to be the year of colour, be it the hazy browns of approaching winter, red sunsets, the blues of Highveld winter sky, or energising green forests of Cape’s winter rain-drenched landscape… Read More


We Live in a world where our homes and living spaces have transformed into sanctuaries of solace, where safety, vibrancy and personal expression are pride of place… Read More

The Last Sunset

The sun is faithful and returns the next day to greet us. Sometimes there in its full glory and other times hidden by the clouds, however the sun is always there reminding us to journey onwards.

Home design trends to look out for in 2024

Following her very recent visit to international design and architecture awards events in London and Paris, interior designer Kim Williams shares what is currently trending… Read More

Yellow offer symbiotic relationship

Whether you’re an interior design enthusiast, a seeker of personal growth, or simply someone looking for inspiration in today’s chaotic world… Read More