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My Yellow Room

Kim Williams is back with an exciting second edition of her inspiring book, My Yellow Room. This eagerly awaited second edition not only delves into the impact of behavioural principles of interior design but also takes readers on a profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth… Read More

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9 Responses

  1. In 1981 het my Frangipani trouruiker en ragfyn geel servette op die tafels n spatsel kleur aan my troue gegee. Sonnig, bly, vars. n Nuwe begin.
    Dis 2020 en weer tyd vir spatsels geel in my lewe. n Oor begin met die wonderlike positiewe energie van geel.

    Your yellow room is an inspiration, Kim
    It’s time for a bit of colour again.

  2. Hey my sister
    It was so stunning to read your blog and think back to all your room designs you had growing up. You have always used what you had and I remember always being so impressed with your creativity! I will never forget your cupboard that had a beautiful design with smarties and Beechies boxes – it took you ages to collect enough to create the cupboard and I loved it. Now you are designing with the same creativity and vision and it is so exciting to see. I am still inspired!

  3. I so well remember the day I asked you what colour you would like you room to be as it was really time for new curtains and duvet cover. I tried to persuade you to choose pink or blue …. No it was to be ‘yellow’. You amazed me as a little girl, how you always managed to change you small room around, decorate it so simplistically and make it look so eye catching and attractive with the most unusual items. Your love and passion is so visible in whatever you do my beautiful daughter Kim.
    You have evolved beyond my imagination. Your creativity is such a gift.
    I am one very proud Mum. The sky is the limit …

  4. Your website is so refreshing & easy to navigate. Congratulations! Kim, you embody all that falls under the meaning of the colour yellow. Freshness, positivity, optimism, enlightenment, intellect, honour, loyalty and Joy ( I say more of your laughter). The solar plexus chakra, also spurts out your creative side……oh that little girl knew things!

  5. The day we met we were both wearing crowns, and that’s exactly right!
    Queens of Delight!
    Love your work, AudiTT.
    From Ms911

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