Cape on Popham – Modern Retro Apartments

Kim Williams Design / Cape on Popham – Modern Retro Apartments

Cape on Popham – Modern Retro Apartments

Perched on the corner of Athens and Popham road in the quiet neighbourhood of Waves Edge is this modern retro development, Cape on Popham. Kim partnered with 22 Cape Road Investments and EVDL Architects to create trendy one and two bedroom apartments that fit in with the laid-back seaside vibe of the locals.

Kimโ€™s design focused on curved and rounded shapes, subtle pops of rose and green and a 90โ€™s retro nostalgia that married to create a cool, calm and coastal design that flawlessly blends into the environment, and caters to the needs of future tenants.

There was a lot of focus put on the functionality and movement in each apartment. Kim used her Pure Innovation design ID to ensure a meticulous and natural flow through different zones to create a space that with one big exhale, you instantly feel relaxed, comfortable and oh so happy. It could be from the ocean breeze, soothing sounds of the waves or simply the charming nautical design of Cape on Popham.