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Kim Williams

Kimโ€™s passion for beautiful spaces and energised living started at an early age, but it was only after falling ill in her 40โ€™s that she truly found her niche. Kim has seen first-hand the value of experiencing an overall sense of well-being โ€“ of being your best self when in a well-designed space โ€“ which far offsets the cost. It translates into a return on investment, not just in the quality of life and work, but also into tangible value for a property, development, or business.

Kim is a behaviour specialist and an interior creative. She successfully ran a change management business for over 13 years before starting Kim Williams Design.

She is an accredited;

facilitator, assessor and skills moderator

qualified marketer and communications specialist

learning and development expert

change management consultant

writer, public speaker

registered professional with the National Housing Building Regulatory Council

interior designer and stylist