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My Yellow Room eBook (1st Edition)


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Kim Williams is a well-respected entrepreneur and Cape Town interior designer with a unique approach that blends 21 years of corporate experience in change management, behavioural and design strategies; including 13 years running her own successful consulting practice. This experience evolved Kim’s niche as a creative interior behaviour strategist crafting spaces that are not only beautiful but serve and positively impact the physical and emotional health of her clients, so that they can live their best possible life – at home and work.

Kim loves intelligent, fresh and ahead of trend, yet classic designs and interior architecture and has a portfolio that adds up to millions of rands in retail value where she has worked across the spectrum of interior architecture, interior design and brand strategy through design.

My Yellow Room started as a blog to inspire others and help them navigate the unknown of being bound to a space during covid-19 and to understand what they needed in order to function better and discover how to use this knowledge to improve their quality of life, and manage their mindset during the pandemic. 

In this book Kim delves into her experiences in confined spaces and how they showed her the importance of well-functioning and energising interiors. Kim aims to help homeowners, business owners, creatives and budding interior designers understand design principles, unleash the best in people and get the most out of their environments.


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