Moody Vintage Bedroom Renovation, Kenilworth

Kim Williams Design / Moody Vintage Bedroom Renovation, Kenilworth

Moody Vintage Bedroom Renovation, Kenilworth

This interior design project started when my niece turned 21. Her birthday wish was to have a vintage bedroom that brought her joy; made her feel special and where she could learn, read, sing, dance and do whatever her heart desires.

The first part of any successful project is defining the brief. Paityn wanted a vintage-looking bedroom filled with everything she loves; from her guitar, flowers and favourite books to a special totem for her beloved pet bunny rabbits. She loves rich tones of burnt orange, green and blue and nostalgic decor that makes her feel like she’s living a bygone era.

We sat together and chose some bits and pieces that she wanted to incorporate into her bedroom. We started with an antique looking floral wallpaper that boasts burnt orange, yellow and blue roses against a grey backdrop. When the light catches it just right, your eyes are opened to the subtle champagne shimmer washed over the design, giving it a regal aged aesthetic that sets the tone for this wistful curation.

Feminine prints like florals bring a powerful sense of nurturing, healing and serenity which is why they are often bought as get-well-soon gifts and why they work so well in creating tranquil and peaceful interiors.

We wanted to feature one of Paitynโ€™s current favourite colours, green. Kim custom designed a diva headboard and chose a jewel green crushed velvet fabric to upholster it. We pulled the green across the room by painting her repurposed desk and zoning out a workspace for her.

Paityn wanted an encapsulating space where she could escape into her novels. To create this moody space we brought the dark shade of grey up from the walls onto the ceiling; this paired with the glistening wallpaper, velvet curtains and pinboard, and new gold cupboard handles diffuse the light from the vintage chandelier, opening up the room while simultaneously making it cosy, immersive and luxurious.

Lastly, Paityn requested her space be filled with bunnies. We bought a quirky rabbit lamp with glasses and decorated the bedside table, bookshelf and desk with ornamental glass rabbits for that final personal touch.