Noah’s Bedroom

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Noah’s Bedroom

This was a very special project for me as it was a project born during COVID, for my son Noah.

We had begun to dream up Noah’s room during a family holiday to Mozambique but it was during COVID that we really had time to dream up his dream room.

Noah loves the ocean and spends hours out in the water surfing. His love for all things Island style has evolved as he has gotten older. He has collected special memorabilia during our travels that reflect his personal style, that he wanted incorporated into the design such as the fish skeleton above his bed. We considered how he used the space to work, chill-out and relax with friends, as well as recharge and created different zones in the space to allow him to do it. Then we layered the design with all the things he loved, from the bamboo ceiling, custom lazer cut light, posters of his favourite bands, an old second hand chair, a mural of the beach, funky fabrics and textures – and the hugest dog bed (fat sac) ever. It went from gray to full of life, and promises of an Island lifestyle.