Corymbosa Crescent

Kim Williams Design / Corymbosa Crescent

Corymbosa Crescent

Kim was tasked to design for a young millennial couple who dreamed of a modern, minimal and glamorous place to call home. She made use of a strong sense of horizontal lines plus a commitment to open space for a couple that loves to entertain.

The aim was to craft a modern retro home using a subdued colour palette and let the details do all the talking. As you walk through the front door you are greeted with a sleek open-plan kitchen with overflowing countertops and brushed gold finishes balanced with a textured feature wall that immediately grabs your attention and becomes the living room’s main focal point. To add to the 21st century splendour, a modern eye-catching fireplace is just a few feet away, adding warmth and a soothing atmosphere to the space.

The indoor-outdoor living area was designed with functionality and flow in mind. Taking into consideration where and how guests would interact in a space. Patterned tiles and metallic finishes were introduced into this modern entertainment space to emphasize energy and playfulness; neatly tied together with the neutral colour scheme. This creates a space perfect for watching rugby and braaing boerewors or sipping a glass of wine besides the swimming pool.

As with all Kimโ€™s projects, her Pure Innovations design ID focused on making every task seamless and creating an atmosphere that would bring out the best in how this couple lives, works and plays – delivering a twist on a modern retro home.