Claremont Bathroom Renovation

Kim Williams Design / Claremont Bathroom Renovation

Claremont Bathroom Renovation

After a bad leak, this family finally had an excuse for a modern bathroom renovation. Kim was asked to redo the simple bathroom and create an extension of the main bedroom style to seamlessly fit in with the new-age Claremont home, and itโ€™s endless mountain and garden views.

The bathroom design took on a modern organic style with pops of bling and greenery to represent the personality and individuality of this family.

The bathroom is a place where you spend a lot of your time, getting refreshed for the tasks ahead and unwinding from the busyness of the day. Kim made use of a unique free-standing bathtub and sleek vanities to add to the modern style of this home. Natural elements like stone tiles add a warm natural edge and base notes to a lustrous and modern bathroom, while the black framework and faucets cut through the bright white to add interest.

Kim played with scale and shape by adding one large round mirror that extends over both the basins. This paired with subtle notes of gold add to the luxe modern effect. The floor was kept looking spacious by opting for a wall mounted vanity and towel storage combo.