Jenna’s Bedroom

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Jenna’s Bedroom

This was a special bedroom design I did for a lovely young lady, Jenna.

We wanted to create an experience and atmosphere that Jenna had an emotional connection to, but that was also practical and functional for her day-to-day activities and university work. We thought about where she would sit, where she would do her make-up, read a book, meditate and take time out.

We made use of lines, shapes and colours that Jenna was drawn to. We wanted her bedroom to reflect her personality, individuality and create a space that mirrors her true essence.

Jenna’s unique design ID is bohemian chic. The final result was filled with crystals, gemstones and her favourite colour, purple. Jenna is a neat person, so we decided to display her special memorabilia and books on open shelves. We incorporated gemstone wallpaper for her feature wall and added a salt lamp and crystal chandelier to create a magical atmosphere. We then layered the room with luxurious fabrics and items Jenna loved, turning it into a dream space that allows Jenna to be her best self.