Enamel Clinic & Academy – Green & Serene Commercial Medical Clinic Design

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Enamel Clinic & Academy – Green & Serene Commercial Medical Clinic Design

The new Enamel dentistry is an innovative concept visualised by Dr Howard Gluckmand and Dr Mark Bowes that brings together all aspects of constructive and aesthetic dentistry including training and development under one roof. This business model is the first of its kind in Africa and this next level thinking needed to reflect in the brand and clinic experience.

Imagine wanting to visit the dentist. A place that is reflective of the end result. A beautiful aesthetic experience that takes you on a journey from the moment you walk in the door. A place that draws you back. A place you share. A place that you want to post on your social media. A place that reflects the transformation that is about to become you.

This is the impact of our design. A well thought through interior architectural and interior design experience that feels welcoming and non-threatening through the biophilic design that reconnects you to nature. From the curved white reception bench that greets you, to curves that resonate through the design and leads you through the space. The fresh colours soothe and guide you on your journey.

The custom leafy wallpapers combined with LED and ambient lighting connect to the outside. The curved furniture follows the architectural design and resonates the strategy. The local curved hand-crafted artworks subtly pop off the walls and engage you. The zoned surgeries feel like consultation rooms, and the outside spaces make it feel like you are visiting a boutique hotel.

Our client is delighted with the outcome which has exceeded their expectation and the impact on their business is more than double what was expected. It is a dentistry like no other. Welcome to Enamel.