Cineraria Crescent – bold, vibrant and dramatic interior design

Kim Williams Design / Cineraria Crescent – bold, vibrant and dramatic interior design

Cineraria Crescent – bold, vibrant and dramatic interior design

From planning and interior design to construction, sourcing and installation, Kim partnered with 22 Cape Road Investments to build and furnish a home that reflects and integrates the homeowners characters and personalities. This family has a rich culture and loves inviting guests and family over to create memories. Kim envisioned a bold, warm and modern concept that would come together to reflect the vibrant family.

Kim made use of a warm neutral colour palette with a mindful approach to the positioning of every line combined with comforting patterns that enrich the space, and a bold blue to make this modern interior design stand out. The home is steeped in an expressive blend of cultural elements, but with an additional new-age twist. Kim kept the house warm and earthy but with the inclusion of a modern style to add a present-day feel, and plenty of storage for a clutter and stress free environment. Flat screen TVs were built-in to keep the lines sleek and clean while the finishes boast an exotic mysticism and internal complexion of the Indian peninsular.ย ย 

The home is trendy and has been embellished with mixed metallics like antique copper tapware and silver details to enliven the home and add a dramatic atmosphere. Wooden touches reflect cultural nostalgia and are used alongside energetic peacock colours to create a vibrant mood. The perfect amalgamation of practicality, culture and interior design has resulted in a home that serves the family and allows them to be the best version of themselves.