Cape On Viola

Kim Williams Design / Cape On Viola

Cape On Viola

Levprop Pty Ltd, an investor company for 22 Cape Road Investments Pty Ltd, asked Kim Williams Design to again team with Enrica van der Linden Architects given their success with the Cape on Porterfield and Cape Dahlia projects. Using the Pure Innovation Design ID methodology, a unique suburban design concept relevant for the market emerged.

Kim, familiar with Enrica’s architectural detailing and continuous search for the next level, highlights the character of the building colouring it in with tone and texture. The colour of nature permeates across the front and into the materials selected for the facade and common spaces.

The interior reflects the compact design style of the design studio, but the look is unique to the building ID. The scheme flows from room to room with different interior and decor options to suit a variety of pockets. This building is due to be completed in mid-2020.