Cape On Porterfield

Kim Williams Design / Cape On Porterfield

Cape On Porterfield

Kim worked with a local investor and property developer 22 Cape Road Investments Pty Ltd to design a differentiated property product in a popular, developing area. The brief was to package a new apartment block that would make it the block of choice for the discerning seller without it costing more to the buyer.

ย Here Kim combined her knowledge of the area, her marketing background researching the needs of buyers in the areas to find a design niche for the building.

ย Her first design objectives were to create a look and feel for the building working with architect Enrica van der Linden. She leveraged the architectural features enhancing them with colour and texture to develop an integrated nautical and urban feel. The design then extended this look into the passages and apartments to connect the spaces and facilitate flow. This gives it a hotel like feel whilst the oversized rust red doors create a sense of grandeur.

ย The interior of the apartments gives an illusion of space whilst providing excellent functionality. The combination of higher end materials with contractor materials delivers a designer feel without overcapitalising for the area. The end result was a property that feels comfortable, modern and lives well in this suburban hub.