Cape Dahlia

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Cape Dahlia

Based on the success of Cape on Porterfield, 22 Cape Road Investments Pty Ltd contracted Kim Williams Design to work with Enrica van der Linden Architects to look at the next level of beach living. The property should appeal to a wide range of buyers in a specific price point to make it desirable but not inaccessible, and so Cape Dahlia was birthed, named after the beautiful, layered dahlia flower, and given an Atlantic Ocean twist.

ย The palette is soft and reflective of the ocean before it. The building itself has nautical elements to it but feels grand enhanced by the black plaster bands that wrap around the block. The pastel colours continue into the passages and apartments and will be enhanced by indigenous planting around the building.

ย The interior feels beachy and organic but is not rustic rather contemporary. A sense of light and peace fills the individual units. The layouts are functional, and the finishes integrate with the overall design concept. Ultimately, a contented space that delivers a special product complete with furniture and decor options.