Ascot Road

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Ascot Road

The Leveton family live in an old dame, a spacious home in the Milnerton area. Kim was requested to update their kitchen area, a place where the family spends an enormous amount of their time. The brief was to provide a modern country kitchen that would be the heart of the house and a place where certain tasks and family activities could be comfortably completed.

Kimโ€™s first task was to tackle the layout. The original kitchen was long and narrow with areas not sufficiently demarcated for comfortable use. She subdivided the space to create a proper scullery and laundry hidden from sight and changed the window and door schedule.

The next step was to create a scheme that would deliver the brief of modern country kitchen. She combined traditional elements with modern ones such as the copper tap with a graphic tile, wood with stone, hexagon tiles with cream cupboards, and brought nature in with wallpaper and herbs to deliver a warm kitchen that is also functional and modern.